About Us

SBSL is an established Transcription company located in Bangalore. Qualified & experienced professionals started SBSL in 1998.

SBSL also operates through its branches in Chennai and Ahmedabad.

Our Services

SBSL offers medical Business, General & Legal transcription services to any country in the world and also offers comprehensive training in medical transcription course for those seeking to become professional medical/business transcriptionists as well as consultancy services to upcoming medical transcription companies.

Global Business Transcription

Investor relations, press releases and earnings calls and other business related conference calls along with various company related conference recordings are a major source of transcription work. Companies want the public at large and the customers in particular to be aware of the happenings, which would determine their attitude while transacting with the company.

What we offer

 Medical Transcription

 Business Transcription



 Delivery Standards

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